2015 Key figures of Strukton Rail

(in millions of euros)

Year  2015 2014
Turnover 766.4 812.8
Operational results 50.2 38.3
Number of employees 3,534 3,634

Strukton Rail realised a turnover of EUR 766.4 million in 2015 with an average of over 3,500 employees. The overall 2015 performance of Strukton Rail was good. All countries contributed to this performance. The merger activities of the previous years in Scandinavia benefited the company in 2015. Strukton Rail delivered a good performance in the Netherlands, in spite of the challenging market. Business is doing well in Italy, both in terms of result, sales and order portfolio. Strukton Rolling Stock operated at a loss in 2015. Better results of Strukton Rolling Stock are expected over 2016.The results of whole Strukton can be found on our corporate website.

Annual report 2015