Thinking in terms of operational life

We are considerate of the lifespan of the object in all aspects of our work. We base our activities on the lifespan, for projects, people and nature. In so doing, we submit competing and innovative solutions to issues faced by our clients and society.

Sustainable operation

Our activities directly contribute to sustainability and consequently generate social benefits. Rail transport is more environment-friendly than other forms of transport. We also apply sustainable innovations in our activities and operate in a sustainable way where possible. We utilise raw materials, generate waste and CO2 emissions and demand a lot from our staff. We do this consciously: we are constantly working to improve safety and environment and we prefer to use recyclable materials if possible.

Our people

Our staff is the key to our success. We invest substantially in the safety, education and training of our employees. We offer traineeships and work intensively together with schools and other educational institutions. In addition, we are increasingly involved in social return projects, involving people with poor labour market prospects in our operation.