Applied training services

We offer training courses worldwide in all fields of railway technology, railway systems and railway construction methods. Our trainers are also available for technical support in various fields of expertise.


  • Our courses cover theory, practice, hands on guidance in the field, certification and refreshing
  • Standard courses are available but can be custom-made to fit the customers' specific needs and demands
  • Our courses are designed to include practical assignments either in a controlled environment or in the field

Training levels

  • Training levels range from aspiring mechanic/fitter/operator to academically trained maintenance engineer/technician/analyst


  • Our trainers (English, French, German and Dutch) are versed in infrastructure construction methods, infrastructure maintenance, machine operation, machine maintenance and specialised in reliability centred maintenance in relation to infrastructure asset management
  • Our trainers are also available for technical support in various fields of expertise

Training material

  • Our courses include a general syllabus, handbook and practise sheets if applicable

Practical information

  • Our courses include visa costs and international flights
  • All domestic costs are born by the customer
  • Our trainers are available from one to six weeks (depending on applicable visa restrictions); Extended stay can be discussed


  • On track machinery mechanic
  • Signalling specialist
  • Overhead wire technician
  • ALC/DAR tamping machine
  • Data analyst
  • ERTMS technician
  • Defect analysis (electrical/mechanical)
  • Rail traffic controller
  • Development of code of practice
  • Safety planning
  • Machine maintenance a.o.