Ballast cleaning machines

Strukton Rail's High Output Equipment enables rapid ballast renewal.

C750 ballast cleaning machine

The C750 ballast cleaning machine extracts the old ballast from under the sleepers with a chain, and transports it to a screen, which retains any usable material. The usable ballast is then returned to the track. Other material is removed on conveyor belts to MFS wagons.

MFS 100 / MFS 100 S material conveyor and silo units

The MFS 100 and MFS 100 S units are used for transporting up to 90 tons of old ballast and other superstructure materials. The MFS units are usually used in combination with a ballast cleaning machine, but also separately, e.g. for unloading ballast into a trench. The MFS 100 can operate in combination with all other MFS units and the ballast transfer station. The MFS 100 S can also be used as bottom dumpers, and as such can dump ballast directly in the track as well as conveying the load.

ULS 3000 D ballast transfer station

The ULS 3000 D ballast transfer station is used for loading wagons on the adjacent track and for unloading material up to 7.5 metres outside the track. The ballast transfer station can be deployed at the end of or between the MFS wagons. The machine can operate in combination with all types of MFS wagons. 

Ballast cleaner