Strukton Rail has several classes of locomotives, and is able to respond to a wide variety of activities. The locomotives are generally used for moving and shunting heavy plant and for construction logistics.

Locomotive TMY 9505

This 9505 Type TMY locomotive is a Diesel Electrical multifunctional locomotive, which is mainly used for the long-distance transport of working equipment and for construction logistics. It is possible to couple the locomotives for traction power, the so-called multiple driving. This loc is used in Sweden.

Locomotive Vossloh G1206

The G1206 locomotives are diesel-hydraulic, multifunctional locomotives that are generally used for moving heavy plant over relatively large distances and for construction logistics. The locomotives may be linked together in a multiple configuration. The G1206 type is equipped with ETCS, allowing it to run on ERTMS track.

Locomotive Deutz DG 1200 BB

The Deutz locomotives of the DG 1200 BB Type are diesel hydraulic locomotives, suitable for speeds up to 40 km/h. The locomotives which are mostly used for construction logistics and shunting.

Locomotive O&K MB 9 N

Strukton Rail's loc Herma (O&K MB 9 N) is a lightweight shunting loc and is suitable for speeds up to 40 km/h. This loc is mainly used for shunting and can, if desired, also be used on metro track.

Locomotive Ravot TG80-4 NL

The Ravot TG80-4 NL is usually used in combination with catenary equipment. Its container can carry up to 10 tons and is fitted with a 2.6 ton palfinger crane with a reach of 4 metres outside the track.

Locomotive Robel 54.22-32

This locomotive is equipped with an automatic loading crane. The maximum length of the crane arm is 12.2 m. The maximum lifting power is 4.4 ton at 4.2 m. The locomotive has its own trailer, which makes the machine perfectly suitable for small-scale maintenance activities where small amounts of materials must be transported.

The machine is currently used by the Germany Strukton Rail company of Georg Reisse. It is not permitted in the Netherlands.

Locomotive Sjörlanders MTR 40

Strukton Rail has two all-round Sjörlanders MTR 40 vehicles, that can be used for various purposes. During winter, the vehicles are mainly used for keeping tracks free of snow. The vehicles are equipped with snow ploughs and snow cannons if desired.  During summer, the vehicles are used for maintenance activities and small-scale projects. They are equipped with a hydraulic crane with a maximum load of 800 kg at 10 metres for that aim. The vehicles can also be used for transporting wagons or machines up to a maximum load of 200 tons.
The vehicles are used by Strukton Rail Nordic, one of which is based in the North of Sweden (Älvsbyn) and one in Södertälje (Stockholm area).

Locomotive Windhoff VG 902

The all-round Windhoff VG 90 2 working vehicle is mainly used for maintenance activities and small-scale projects. The vehicle is equipped with an Atlas 1304K crane with various accessories.

The vehicle is used by Strukton Rail Nordic and based in Södertälje (Stockholm area).

Rail-road vehicle Unimog 1650 ZW 240 S

The Unimog can be used for the traction of machines on track. The vehicle is suitable for speeds up to 50 km/h on the track and 60 km/h on the road. The maximally permitted haulage load is 300 tons.

The machine is currently used by the German Strukton Rail company of Georg Reisse and is not (yet) permitted in the Netherlands.