Trains running after major renewal in Den Bosch

28 April 2014

The tracks around Den Bosch station are ready for the future. On April 17th, Strukton Rail completed the extensive renovation and reconstruction of the tracks around the Den Bosch station. The station is now completely accessible to travellers once again.


In the last three weeks of the major project, some 2,000 people have worked on the project site to renew all of the tracks, signals, points, cables and catenaries on the south side of the station. The rail system was reconstructed to improve traffic circulation and reliability around the station. The traffic flows are separated better and the number of points has been reduced, allowing trains to enter and leave the station at higher speeds. 

“We would like to thank the people living in the vicinity for their understanding during the work. Under their watchful eyes, we have accomplished a fantastic project, which was really diverse and involved all sorts of disciplines.”

Says Marcel Wijgerse, construction process leader at Strukton Rail

The project

The major renewal project in Den Bosch allows more trains to travel to and from Den Bosch in the future. In order to achieve this, the number of tracks crossing the Dieze River was doubled and a fly-over was built to enable trains from Nijmegen and Utrecht to cross on different levels. At the station itself, platforms were extended and the tracks were renewed and reconstructed on both sides of the station.


This message is based on the press release by Dutch railway provider ProRail.