Introduction of new Kuala Lumpur monorail trains with Strukton Traction converters is picking up pace

02 September 2015

The new four-car Kuala Lumpur trains are currently being introduced on the 8.6 km line through Kuala Lumpur’s busy city centre. To relive some pressure on the system, in particular in the rush hour, each train can accommodate up to 430 passengers. The complete series of 12 trains, built by Scomi Rail, will be in operation by mid 2016.


Strukton is providing its ultra-light traction converter for the new trains. With delivering up to 240 kW, the water-cooled converter weighs only 93 kg. Download technical datasheet.

This successful modular power module platform is being applied by Strukton in several projects worldwide, most notably in the new Sao Paulo monorail vehicles.

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