Strukton integrates DPI and SCADA system to optimise bridge control

15 July 2015

Strukton Systems has successfully converted six existing, locally-controlled bridges in Utrecht into remote-controlled bridges. To achieve this, Strukton integrated the existing dynamic passenger information (DPI) system and the bridges’ SCADA system – resulting in optimised bridge control.


Strukton has set up three workstations at a new centralised remote control centre from where staff can operate the six different bridges in the heart of Utrecht’s historic city centre. Each workstation has its own SCADA interface which the operator can use to control the bridges. The link between the bridges’ SCADA system and the DPI system is fully automated. The integration of the two systems ensures that bridge operators know exactly when a scheduled bus plans to cross the bridge. At that point, the bridge operator is alerted by a pop-up message on his monitor.

Technical details

To integrate the two systems, Strukton connected a DPI system control module to the network of the SCADA bridge operation system. The hardware configuration was completed with a 230V power supply and an outdoor aerial. In addition to configuring hardware, Strukton also adapted the dedicated SCADA and DPIS software.