Strukton to renew railway system at Tomteboda, north of Stockholm central station

07 May 2015

The Swedish Transport Administration Trafikverket has awarded Strukton Rail the contract to renew the track system at Tomteboda, just north of Stockholm central station. The work will start in September 2015 and will be completed in August next year. This railway stretch will be the link between the existing Stockholm central line and the new Stockholm City Line (Citybanan),which will be opened for commuter traffic in 2017. In Tomteboda the two lines will join together, enabling both long-distance and commuter services up north from Stockholm. The construction of the Citybanan is another project awarded to Strukton Rail.

Tomteboda Strukton 

Strukton Rail will perform most of the work at Tomteboda during the night and in the weekends, to keep disruption of the rail traffic to a minimum.

“The main work will take place during some intensive weeks around Easter 2016, when we will lift out three old switches and replace them with seven new ones, while also installing the new signalling system along the entire stretch. It will be an intensive job that will among other things require heavy lifting with a hoisting crane”

Strukton Rail’s responsible manager Janne Larsson

Today, Strukton Rail is already doing other refurbishment work in Tomteboda. So far, 13 new switches have been installed, 600 metres of track have been rebuilt and moved and the existing catenary and signaling system have been adjusted.