2015 Results of Strukton: Strong improvement of net result and historically high turnover

27 May 2016

In 2015, Strukton realised a EUR 16.8 million positive net result. This is a significant improvement compared to previous years. Sales fell slightly in the Netherlands, but this decrease was offset by higher sales in foreign activities, both within Europe and beyond.

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The figures in a nutshell:

  • Strong improvement of net result to € 16.8 million (2014: € 32.8 million negative)
  • Historically high turnover amounting to € 1,907 million (2014: € 1,724 million)
  • Operating result amounting to € 70.7 million (2014: € 6.8 million negative)
  • Further improvement of operating result in rail systems market to € 50.2 million
  • (2014: € 38.3 million)
  • Reorganisation costs of Strukton Civiel bv amounting to € 7.2 million
  • Riyadh in full production with operating result amounting to € 9.3 million
  • Positive judgment by expert committee considering A15 project claims

Strukton achieved this good result thanks to intensive collaboration and improvement projects. The organisation is on target. To build up its reserves and further improve its liquidity position, the company will focus on further professionalization in terms of project management, contract management, tender management, working capital improvement and risk control in 2016.


Strukton is increasingly presenting itself as a technology company, focusing on activities that match its strengths. Its focus and growth are mainly geared toward technology-based specialist fields, both in Europe and in carefully selected countries worldwide. Strukton distinguishes itself through the application of data in both maintenance and management. Asset management is the key core competence in this respect. Based on its asset management, Strukton offers availability of rail transport, road infrastructure and technical systems at an affordable price.

Furthermore, Strukton carries out projects at regional, national and international level. Strukton Rail and Strukton International are increasingly focusing on international markets. Emerging economies require adequate traffic systems to access densely populated areas. There is also a worldwide need for the construction of ports and for infrastructure from ports to the hinterland. This is an area where Strukton can make the difference, based on its knowledge of rail and civil engineering technology and its specialist fields, such as immersion and injection technology and special bitumen for roads and airport strips.


Strukton’s overall portfolio inspires confidence for the future. The number of projects with controllable risk is growing, as is the number of orders and maintenance contracts with a key role for technology. The recovery of the housing market is one of the factors boosting the construction sector. Non-residential construction is following suit. The challenging conditions in the markets for rail and road infrastructure have persisted, however. Price competition will continue. However, no market party can afford to buy works, bringing fees more to market level. The number of rail and civil engineering contracts in the Netherlands will remain limited.

About Strukton

Strukton has a unique position in the market as a technology company. The focus is on technology-oriented specialist services. Strukton’s mission is to help boost the quality and safety of rail transport, road infrastructure and technical systems and buildings. Besides serving customers in the Netherlands and Europe, Strukton offers an increasing number of specialist services on the global market. The company has some 6,500 employees and an annual turnover of EUR 1.9 billion.