First prototype delivered to GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN

31 August 2016

The First Article Inspection (FAI) and Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of Strukton Rolling Stock’s power electronics for the shunting locomotives of GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN have been successfully completed. The first prototype deliveries took place last week. Our launching customer, GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN, visited the R&D facility of Strukton Rolling Stock for the FAI and FAT of the prototype cubicles and power modules. This was an acknowledgment for the work done by our dedicated engineering and production teams.

160825 Gmeinder cubucle completion team_NEWSIMAGE 

Three cubicles have had their cabling installed, followed by four power modules plus two input modules per cubicle. Two cubicles will be installed in GMEINDER’s testing locomotive and one will remain at Strukton for extensive system testing.

Power electronics for shunting engines

Strukton supplies the power electronics for GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN's new platform of shunting engines. This is the first application of Strukton’s power electronics concept for small series of ‘special vehicles’. The first customer for this platform has ordered two locomotives, of both the dual diesel and diesel-battery versions. With the option to order another four locomotives.

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