First rails for FAST consortium have arrived in Riyadh

26 February 2016

The first rails that the FAST consortium will use for the Riyadh Metro Project have arrived. A total of 1,536 rails of 18.2 metres each have arrived in the Riyadh warehouse and another 6,500 rails are waiting in the Dammam harbour to be shipped to Riaydh. Approximately 18,000 rails will be used for the three metro lines that the FAST consortium is to construct.


The track work joint venture expects to start track laying in May. Lots of equipment and tools are on their way to Riyadh. 

FAST Consortium

FAST Consortium is one of three consortia contracted by Arriyadh Development Authority to design and build the Riyadh Metro Project. FAST Consortium is committed to successfully deliver the Green, Yellow and Purple lines of the Riyadh Metro Project, totaling 64 km of track.