Strukton Rail uses data gathered by measurement train for track maintenance

03 November 2016

On 11 October 2016, Strukton Rail conducted 1,700 metres of maintenance tamping work on the basis of correction data produced by Eurailscout's UFM 120 measurement train. The work was carried out on the Amsterdam – Utrecht section. This is the first time that maintenance tamping work was performed this way. The results are positive. With this innovation Strukton Rail contributes to increasingly more effective maintenance of available track.


UFM 120 Measurement Train

Eurailscout's UFM 120 is a multifunctional measurement and inspection vehicle. The UFM 120 measures track geometry, rail profiles and overhead lines. It also makes continuous digital video recordings of the rail's surface and the track's environment.

Tamping Work

Tamping work is often performed by a tamping machine. This is a self-propelled machine capable of lifting the track several millimetres to several centimetres using hook assemblies after which it uses tamping tines to tamp the ballast below the sleepers. Once this machine has completed its work the track is once again in a clean straight line.

This project was made possible owing to the European cooperative project of In2Rail, one of the lighthouse project of the European innovation programme of Shift2Rail, in which Strukton Rail is an associated member. Strukton Rail worked closely together with Eurailscout, Geocon and DGRI to realise the project.