Strukton supplies power electronics for shunting locomotives

12 May 2016

Strukton is to supply the power electronics for GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN new platform for shunting engines. This is the first application of Strukton’s power electronics concept for small series of ‘special vehicles’.

Traction module (3W17-500) 4U water cooling-newsimage 

GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN is developing a new platform for shunting locomotives with two, three or four axles. Depending on the customer’s wishes, these may be driven by a diesel generator, batteries, a third rail or a combination of these.

The first customer for this platform has ordered two locomotives, of both the dual diesel and diesel-battery versions. With the option to order another four locomotives.


Shunting locomotives often operate up to 75% of their time in idle mode (waiting time), which means a lot of effort is needed to reduce emissions. To reduce emissions and fuel consumption, the GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN Dual Diesel version is equipped with two diesel generators that can be switched on and off at lower power requirements.

In addition to the above, the Strukton solution offers GMEINDER LOKOMOTIVEN water-cooled power electronics with well-sealed compartments. This is an important point for the end customer, given that their factories often have conductive dust suspended in the air.

The Strukton solution

The Strukton system is intended for both the propulsion electronics and the on-board power circuit electronics, using identical module hardware. This simplifies the development, production and spare part provisioning.

To be able to supply customers with different vehicle configurations with one standard, Strukton Rolling Stock developed a flexible system. As Strukton’s modules can be combined in various ways, they can be built in flexibly in various configurations. This saves on development costs for each configuration version.