Test runs have begun on Stockholm Citybanan

26 January 2016

Important guests including Sweden’s Minister of Infrastructure Anna Johansson marked the beginning of the test runs on the newly built Stockholm Citybanan on January 14. A special test train of Trafikverket ran from Stockholms Södra in the south to Tomteboda in the north through the partly immersed tunnel.

Citybanan 20 

Strukton Rail is proud to be an important actor in the construction of the new 6 kilometre long railway line. The new line includes two new train stations, Stockholm City and Stockholm Odenplan, which are built in connection to the already existing metro stations T-Centralen and Odenplan. All escalators are in place at the new stations, while installation of wall planels, lighting and fine art is yet going on.

Strukton’s scope in the Citybanan project includes track, power supply, catenary, signalling and telecommunications, and the installation of fire alarms along the entire stretch. The tracks and most parts of the signalling systems have been completed. Remaining work includes power supply, telecommunications and catenary work on parts of the stretch, which explains why a diesel locomotive was used for the test run. During Easter holidays, Strukton Rail will perform the final stage at the northern point of the Citybanan, at Tomteboda, completing the connection of the Citybanan to the existing railway line.

Construction of the Citybanan is scheduled to be completed this summer. The opening of the line is planned for July 2017. The Stockholm City Line will run through a tunnel beneath central Stockholm. It will separate the ‘pendeltåg’ (the shuttle serving the suburbs in Stockholm) from the long-distance passenger and freight trains running through Stockholm city centre. The track capacity in Stockholm will be doubled upon completion of the Stockholm City Line in 2017, which is important for efficient commuter traffic in Stockholm and to improve punctuality on all of Sweden’s rail network.