Falköping–Nässjö line being prepared for faster trains

16 November 2018

Enhanced traffic safety and higher maximum train speed are just two of the objectives of railway improvement works which will commence soon on the Jönköping line between Falköping and Nässjö. Strukton Rail has been engaged by the Swedish Transport Administration Trafikverket to carry out the work.


The aim of the project is to prepare the line for trains with a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The signalling system will be overhauled and adapted to allow for a higher speed between Sandhem and Nässjö, a stretch of approximately 100 km. One of the things this will involve is the removal of 11 level crossings, i.e. the junctions where roads cross the railway at the same level. Some level crossings do not have safety barriers and Trafikverket is closing them as a measure to increase road safety.

Comfort for passengers

The signalling system is also being overhauled to make it easier for trains to pass through without stopping at stations, with the result that travellers will have shorter travel times and experience fewer service disruptions. As part of the line’s adaptation for higher speeds, overhead power lines and bends on the track also need to be adjusted. This is a measure designed to, among other things, maintain comfort for passengers and minimise wear on the trains.

“It’s an intensive project we’re carrying out in several stages. The first stage will be completed in January 2019, and then we will continue the work in phases up to 2020 when all the elements should be finished and delivered.”

Åke Nordström, Strukton Rail site manager

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