TU Delft’s hyperloop team turn dreams into a reality

29 April 2019

Every week, the TU Delft Hyperloop students can see their dreams getting closer to becoming a reality. After months of preparation, the time for Atlas 02’s real trial runs is rapidly drawing near. Last week, we started on the construction of the test track on voestalpine Railpro’s industrial premises.


We are mounting ‘I-beams’ onto the wooden sleepers of one of the temporary tracks. The pod - a.k.a. Atlas 02 - will propel itself over those aluminium profiles along the 420-metre test track.
First of all, the I-beams will be mounted along the entire length of the test track; the beams will then be aligned precisely and finally fixed to the wooden sleepers.

Mimicking a race track

Although aligning the beams is a very exact job, tiny deviations will be incorporated into the alignment here and there. 

“We want to see how the pod responds to any slight unevenness on the track, because the race track has minute deviations in some places too”

Asja Follmi, TU Delft Hyperloop

It is a prime example of the team’s sky-high ambitions: the only thing that matters is winning, so nothing is left to chance. The trial period starts in early May and will include tests at different speeds and under varying circumstances. The team is sponsored by rail infrastructure partners ProRail, voestalpine Railpro and Strukton Rail.