150/10 kV Substations Horst and Helden

The Dutch utility company Enexis contracted Strukton Systems’ business unit Energy Solutions for several services on behalf of their newly built substations of Horst and Helden. The services comprised the engineering, the erection of primary equipment, the installation of ancillary equipment, earthing grid, cable connections and supporting structures and primary connections. Both substations were needed to enable the infrastructure in the area around Horst and Helden to feed the sustainable electricity generated by horticultural businesses to the highvoltage grid.

Horst and Helden
Energy systems
The Netherlands

Main items

Strukton Systems was also asked to provide the engineering and installation of all
main items installed at the substations, such as power transformers and medium
voltage switchgear as well as the procurement of all secondary systems at both
substations. The overall commissioning and testing of the substations was part of
the project scope as well.

Project summary

  • Engineering
  • Erecting of primary equipment
  • Installation of earthing grid and cable routes]
  • Procurement and installation of all secondary systems
  • Testing and commissioning of
    the entire plant