Auxiliary converters Toulouse metro

Strukton Rolling Stock has delivered new auxiliary power supply converters for the metro vehicles used on metro line A in Toulouse. All 28 fully-automated VAL206 vehicles have got a 750V DC/ 72V DC battery charger and a 750V DC/400V AC inverter. Strukton’s compact, lightweight modules are positioned in the medium and higher range.

Power electronics

Project details

An earlier project for which Strukton delivered its auxiliary converters is the Amsterdam metro. Strukton has also delivered its auxiliary converters for the monorail in São Paulo.

Strukton’s delivery of auxiliary converters for metro line A in Toulouse has taken place from 2013-2015.

The customer for this project, operator Tisséo, runs several metro lines operating the driverless VAL vehicles, next to buses and trams. Tisséo-Toulouse has carried out a complete refurbishment programme (incl. interior) for the VAL206 vehicles. 

In 2011, Strukton provided the operator Tisséo with a new IGBT traction system (DC-Chopper) for the VAL206 in Toulouse. These traction converters operate successfully.

Strukton Rolling Stock

Strukton provides technological solutions for rolling stock. Strukton Rolling Stock has a unique position in the world market for delivering traction converters, auxiliary converters and train control management systems.

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