CBTC Signalling System S-Bane

The modernization of Copenhagens S-Bane network is part of the government’s program of renewing the entire railway signalling system in Denmark by the year 2020.


The new signalling system is a turnkey project to equip Copenhagen’s S-Bane (commuter rail) network with Communication Based Train Control (CBTC), an automatic radio-based train control system. The project scope includes the full design, manufacture, supply and installation of all infrastructure signaling systems; including train detection, point machines, interlocking, cabling, technical object buildings, marker boards and traffic management.

S-Bane network

The track length is approximately 170km (double track) and has a total of 84 stations. The renewal of the signaling system will improve operational reliability and optimize the service for the 100 million passengers who use the service each year.

Joint venture

Strukton Rail and Aarsleff Rail have formed a joint venture and are sub-suppliers to Siemens, who are the contract holders. Strukton-Aarsleff is responsible for all wayside installation activities, and one of the challenges is to install the new signaling system with minimal disruption to the network operations, and introduce it into service seamlessly. The first phase of the S-bane project, involving 25km of track, was completed and went into service at the beginning of 2016.