Daily maintenance of Italian Railway Network

Costruzioni Linee Ferroviarie (CLF) S.p.A., a company partly owned by Strukton, is responsible for the maintenance of several parts of the railway infrastructure in the Italian Centre North Area, including the regions of Bologna, Milan, Florence, Rome and Genoa, covering approximately 9,000 track kilometres. The customer is Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) S.p.A., the owner of Italy’s railway network.

Railway superstructure
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  • Levelling works of the track and switches
  • Renewal of the switches
  • Desultory replacement of the rails
  • Cleaning of the ballast (even in case of short track sections) by screening the ballast or total removal of the ballast
  • Maintenance of track and switches
  • Desultory or periodic replacement of the sleepers
  • Thermal adjustment works of the track
  • Execution of rails welding
  • Inserting of insulated rail joints or rail sections
  • Construction and demolition of short track sections
  • Total replacement of the sleepers with simultaneous cleaning of the ballast relative to short track sections


RFI regularly issues calls for tender for the maintenance as well as renewal of the railway infrastructure. The maintenance contracts generally cover a geographical area. Contract terms are usually two years and the contract sums vary between EUR 10 and 20 million.
On behalf of its maintenance contracts, CLF operates in or near the network’s structure gauge during the night or during interruptions of the railway services.