Daily maintenance of Swedish Railway Network

Strukton Rail AB is responsible for the operation and maintenance of a substantial part of the railway infrastructure in Sweden. Maintaining 2,259 kilometres of main track, Strukton is a major maintenance contractor on the railways managed by Trafikverket. On behalf of Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL), Strukton Rail is responsible for the operation , maintenance, development and planning of reinvestments on three lines in the Stockholm subway system covering 110 kilometres, and on the Roslagsbanan light rail system which is 65 kilometres long. Contract terms vary between five and nine years .

Railway superstructure
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Approximately 600 employees are working on the maintenance of the national railway network on behalf of Trafikverket, whereas another 300 employees are working on the operation & maintenance of SL’s infrastructure. Punctuality is a big issue for both Trafikverket and SL and in the urban environment in particular.


A failure during rush hours in Stockholm may lead to serious delay for 1.5 million commuters and will therefore have an enormous impact on national economy. This lays great responsibility on Strukton Rail’s maintenance organisation.

Daily maintenance

  • Keeping the availability and reliability of infrastructure at the required level
  • Maintaining infrastructure safety levels
  • Keeping the infrastructure in a sustainable condition, optimising life-cycle costs
  • Other activities and management tasks