Panels for ICM door system

Strukton Rolling Stock was commissioned by NedTrain to install 137 panels for the mBfk leading carriage and 137 panels for the sBk leading carriage. Some 50 panels were installed for the A and mB intermediary carriages and 87 panels for the AB intermediate carriage.

The Netherlands
Rolling stock
The Netherlands


The panels are part of the ICM door system and are installed in the service area of the mBFk and sBk, and in the E cabinet on the balcony of the A, AB and mB. The panels ensure that a three-second-alarm whistle sounds when the conductor closes the doors centrally. The panels are supplied ex factory with a pre-assembled bundle. This bundle can be connected to the short end wall or partition in the carriage, where it only needs to be attached to the right clamps.

There are a total of five variations. The primary relay panels in the leading carriages of all mBfk trains send the necessary signals to the other carriages through the train cabling. A sub panel is located in the other carriages to ensure that the dispatch whistle at the correct side of the train is activated. Quality is given special attention because the panels are installed within the safety system of the door system. In practice, this means that each and every one of the panels should be checked completely.