DPI Breda

Strukton Systems will supply, install and maintain the Dynamic Passenger Information (DPI) system in the new public transport terminal in Breda, the Netherlands. The first displays has been installed in the summer of 2014.


This DPI system will provide continuously-updated travel information to local bus passengers. All in all, Strukton has delivered 53 displays over a six-month term. The first displays has been installed in the summer of 2014.

The contract was awarded based on the principle of the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT). MEAT evaluations not only take the bid price into account, but also the candidate’s ability to provide quality plans in areas such as sustainability and risk analysis.

DPI system maintenance

Besides the development, manufacturing, installation and systems integration of the DPI system, the contract also covers the maintenance of the system. Among other things, this maintenance will include: technical care and servicing, preventative and corrective maintenance as well as the required data communications for the system. The maintenance contract becomes effective for a term of 10 years as of the date of the system’s acceptance, with an optional extension of maximally two times two years.

Image source: A2 Studio, Rotterdam

Breda's new railway station

The new public transport terminal is being realised by order of ProRail, NS (Dutch Railways) and the Municipality of Breda. The project is included in Breda’s newly-developed NS railway station. The 20,000-m² terminal will combine a train station, office space, 150 homes, 720 parking spaces and a full indoor bus station with 20 stops. With the accommodation of a train station and bus station under a single roof, Breda will gain an integrated public transport terminal.

Breda's new railway station