DPI Zeeland

Twenty-five displays at 14 larger bus junctions in Zeeland are showing the realtime arrival and departure times of the buses since the beginning of 2011. The Province of Zeeland had awarded the contract for designing, delivering, installing, testing and maintaining the required Dynamic Passenger Information (DPI) system required for this to Strukton Systems, based on the best price/quality ratio.

Province of Zeeland
Information systems

Project details

Dynamic Passenger Information (DPI) meets an important need of bus passengers. The timetable was always available at bus stops, but can deviate from the actual times of departure. The main advantage of real-time passenger information is clarity and certainty. The up-to-date information tells the passenger when the next bus will leave. This increased certainty serves to enhance the perception of public transport quality.

Strukton Systems was selected by the Province of Zeeland following a European tender. Strukton scored high, also in the field of sustainability. Strukton aims to operate in a socially responsible way together with customers, staff members, partners and suppliers. This led to the proposal to use recyclable materials. The display posts at the bus stops have been produced in a CO2 neutral way and a sensor is used to automatically control the intensity of the LEDs on the displays depending on the ambient light.