Control panel cabinets for Hanzelijn

The new, 50-km long Hanzelijn rail connection will link the towns of Lelystad and Zwolle. HanzaRailTeam, a combination of VolkerRail, Strukton Rail, ARCADIS and Alstom, was responsible for the design and construction of the superstructure of the Hanzelijn. Part of the project scope was the development and installation of the signalling system, consisting of both the Atlas ERTMS and national ATB systems.

Lelystad - Zwolle
Rolling stock
The Netherlands

tab 1

Strukton Rolling Stock supplied the various control panel cabinets needed for installation along the entire route on behalf of HanzaRailTeam.

The scope of the assignment largely involved supplying and installing the following control panel cabinets:

  • 1 x TFM - UM/PM (prototype double-door cabinet)
  • 1 x GRS (prototype double-door cabinet)
  • 34 x GRS (double-door cabinet)
  • 6 x TFM - UM/PM (double-door cabinet)
  • 26 x TFM - UM (single-door cabinet)
  • 7 x GRS (indoor rack Lelystad)
  • 2 x GRS / TFM (assembly drawing)

Further details

The prototype of the TFM-UM/PM cabinet was constructed in close cooperation with HanzaRailTeam. It was then subjected to both vibration and heat testing. The GRS cabinets for the national ATB system were produced with a new type of double-walled casing.