Copenhagen-Ringsted high-speed line

Strukton Rail has laid the rails and sleepers of Denmark's first high-speed line. Strukton will also supply and install the cable troughs. The new double-track high-speed line will run from the cities of Copenhagen and Ringsted via Køge. The line will be completely electrified. Track laying was completed on 8 February 2017. The final layers of ballast will be laid till May 2017. The new line is expected to open for public use in December 2018. Photo credits: Banedanmark

Technical info

Strukton completed the track laying early February 2017, after which it will lay the final layers of ballast. In addition, electrification and signalling systems will be installed, sound walls will be built and extensive testing will be done. The high-speed line is expected to be ready for public use in December 2018. The maximum speed for passenger trains on the track will be 250 kilometres per hour.

  • Strukton's construction train laid applroximately 1,800 m of track a day
  • 17 Sleeper wagons were used
  • The total length of the construction train was 300 m
  • Each rail measures 120 m and weighs 60 kg/m
  • No less than 180,000 sleepers were laid in total
  • Each sleeper is 2.5 m long and weighs 300 kg
  • Track laying started on 28 October 2016 an was completed on 8 February 2017
  • Laying the ballast is expected to be completed in May 2017

The track-laying machine started to operate from the Ringsted site and then from Køge North Station site. The first stretch was laid from Ringsted to Køge North Station. The next phase was to Hvidovre. The final stretch constructed was between Hvidovre and Vigerslev. 

Project location, Ringsted-Copenhagen