Cabling of ICM trains

NedTrain is modernising ICM (intercity) trains 1 to 4 in its workshop in Haarlem. Important adjustments are being made to the interior, climate-control units, public address system, power supply and passageway access buttons.

Rolling stock
The Netherlands


For this project, Strukton Rolling Stock supplies a modernised public address system including cabling, fitting and start-up. Additionally, Strukton Rolling Stock supplies all the cabling needed for the climate control units, power supply, lighting and other electrical systems.

The cabling is supplied in kits delivered from Strukton's workshop in Hengelo. The kits have been put together so that all cables and other materials needed for each assembly location are available at the right place and take up the least amount of floor space at NedTrain’s workshop in Haarlem.

To arrive at an optimal division of tasks and throughput time, Strukton Rolling Stock contributed its know how during the engineering phase. The newly developed cabling concept was formulated in close cooperation with Strukton Rolling Stock and NedTrain’s engineering department. Strukton Rolling Stock is supporting NedTrain in carrying out this project during the pre-tryout and tryout phases for each train type.