Railway infrastructure maintenance in the Netherlands

Strukton Rail carries out regular maintenance work on approximately 40% of the railway system in the Netherlands on the basis of a range of different types of maintenance contracts (4 performance contracts, 5 service contracts and 1 asset management contract).

Railway superstructure
The Netherlands


This covers all disciplines of the rail system: track, signalling, power supply, structures, underground infrastructure, telecommunications and computer network services. A substantial proportion of track is regularly tamped, straightened and raised using advanced equipment to ensure that the objects are well maintained.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance involves:

  • Keeping the availability and reliability of infrastructure at the required level
  • Maintaining infrastructure safety levels
  • Keeping the infrastructure in a sustainable condition, optimising ProRail’s life-cycle costs
  • Other activities and management tasks


The following activities are laid down in specified, long-term contracts

  • Performance inspections
  • Functional maintenance (preventive)
  • Functional restoration (reactive)
  • Failure remediation
  • Maintenance management
  • Maintenance engineering
  • Operational asset management
  • Fire hoses and fire cocks
  • Coordination


Strukton Rail has a process-based organisational structure. Maintenance engineering is the first step in the primary process of track maintenance. The second step is production of preventive and corrective maintenance. The planning department provides the supporting processes.

Emergency repair organisation

Strukton Rail operates and maintains a highly functional emergency repair organisation. These activities are coordinated from the Operation Control Centre Rail (OCCR) on a 365/24/7 basis, employing emergency repair coordinators in five shifts. The coordinators assess the nature of the failure and direct the required specialist mechanic(s) to the location. They report back the expected time of repair and the time needed for repairs and when they are completed, logging these details in the information management system. The emergency repair mechanics work on call, in fixed shits.

Facts & Figures

Maintenance by Strukton in the Netherlands

Object type

Heavy rail Light rail
Points # 3,006 58
Crossings # 732 94
Track (km) 2,690 60
Catenary (km) 1,958 60
Bridges # 641 6
Movable bridges # 30 -

 Types of maintenance contracts

  • 4 Performance contracts
  • 5 Service contracts
  • 1 Asset management contract