MerwedeLingelijn Passing Loops

Strukton Rail constructed passing loops near the railway stations of Dordrecht Stadspolders and Boven-Hardinxveld. The construction of the passing loops now allows four trains per hour to run along the MerwedeLingelijn.

Railway superstructure
The Netherlands


In total, Strukton Rail renewed 22,000 m1 of track and assumed responsibility for constructing 1,000 m1 of new track between Dordrecht and Dordrecht Stadspolders and 700 m1 of track, including widening of the rail bed, at the Boven-Hardinxveld station.

This project was completed according to schedule and to the full satisfaction of the client.



  • Analysis of alternatives using value engineering
  • Design synthesis for a system design that meets the requirements in the Requirements Specifications 
  • Preparation and update of a System Breakdown Structure (SBS)
  • Preparation of the design documents for each SBS component
  • Integration of the sub-designs into an overall design
  • Processing of the process results
  • Update of the Requirements Control Matrix
  • Preparation and delivery of as-built design documentation and operating documentation

Construction Team

  • Phased engineering of the safety systems and cables & ducts
  • Engineering of the design of the new relay sheds and technical rooms

Rail Work

  • The complete renewal of 22,000 m1 of track (11 km of double track)
  • New construction of 1,000 m1 of track between Dordrecht and Dordrecht Stadspolders
  • New construction of 700 m1 of track, including widening of the rail bed near the Boven-Hardinxveld station


The replacement of various switches near the Gorinchem, Sliedrecht and Boven-Hardinxveld stations. In addition, the installation of switch heating systems.

Overhead Lines

  • The construction of new bearing structures and overhead lines at the Dordrecht Stadspolders and Boven-Hardinxveld stations
  • The modification of the bearing structures and overhead lines along the entire route

Level Crossings

  • The renewal of various level crossings
  • The installation of a rail access point at the Sliedrecht station

Arkel and Sliedrecht Platform Modifications

  • The renewal of 381 m1 of retaining wall segments
  • The renewal of 36 m1 of retaining wall segments with anchors
  • The installation of 1,324 m3 of platform paving
  • The renewal of 350 m1 of leading lines for the blind
  • The installation of 15 m2 of fencing

Cables & Pipelines

  • The design and installation of a controlled boring system
  • The rerouting, installation and welding of cables
  • The excavation and filling of trenches and welding holes
  • The installation of concrete cable sleeves
  • The installation of a separate 3 kV conduit inside the concrete sleeve
  • The use of railway and road crossings
  • The detailed design and construction of railway and road crossings
  • Execution of overhaul activities


  • The installation of cameras, ZMX systems, public address cabinets and clockwork
  • The realisation of sub-station communication across the VOC fibre optic network, including the engineering for the fibre optic network route, the configuration switches and the commissioning of the communication network. The railway safety controls are operated across the ICT services network
  • The implementation of camera monitoring, CCTV (Closed-circuit Television) and the detailed engineering of the voice communication systems, as well as the integration and commissioning of the station systems for the Dordrecht Stadspolders, Sliedrecht Baanhoek, Sliedrecht, Hardinxveld Blauwe Zoom, Boven-Hardinxveld and Arkel stations

Safety Systems

  • Modification of the train safety systems at the Dordrecht station and the rail section between Dordrecht and Geldermalsen 
  • Expansion of the tracks and construction of an additional platform near Dordrecht Stadspolders. This expansion was added to the existing Dordrecht NX control room
  • New stops at Sliedrecht Baanhoek, Giessendam West and Leerdam West
  • The replacement of a 1:9 switch with a 1:15 switch in Sliedrecht
  • New Boven-Hardinxveld site
  • The construction of footpath protection in Leerdam and Beesd
  • Loss of Shunt measures

Power Supply for Train Safety and Control Systems (TSC Power Supply)

  • The expansion of the single Gorinchem - Geldermalsen and Dordrecht - Gorinchem cable system and the twin-cable system at the Dordrecht site
  • The implementation of EMC measures in the new relay shed at Boven-Hardinxveld, Dordrecht Stadspolders and Sliedrecht Baanhoek, in the technical room at Boven-Hardinxveld, in the HS 3 Bohv krir 76.935 and HS 1 Bohv km 76.613 high voltage cabinets
  • The replacement of power transformers
  • The disassembly, collection and removal of a 3000/110 V power transformer in the power take-off point(s) of a single cable system
  • The installation of two 3000 V/110 V,2kVA power transformers, two HV fibre optic safety devices and the installation and connection of two 3 kV cores

Equipment Used

The following non-exclusive list of equipment was used for the work: renewal train, ballast cleaner, locomotives, tamping machine, ballast plough, butt welding machine, railway cranes, truck-mounted cranes, telescopic cranes and rail-road vehicles.


Strukton Infratechnieken, as subcontractor, completed the platforms, stairs, platform equipment, bicycle shed and pedestrian bridges at the Dordrecht Stadspolders, Boven-Hardinxveld and Hardinxveld Blauwe Zoom stations.

No Public Inconvenience

The work was completed without disrupting the flow of passengers at the Arkel, Sliedrecht and Dordrecht Stadspolders stations.

In spite of the short 3-week elapsed time between the permit and the first train-free period, the engineering and the scheduling was completed on time.


More passengers, higher quality

The province of South Holland wishes to double the number of passengers on the MerwedeLingelijn in 2018. The track was doubled at some sections, and existing stops were given a quality boost to accommodate this growth. This improved the comfort and safety at the MerwedeLingelijn. The train frequency was doubled to a quarter service.

Three new stations have been built: Sliedrecht Baanhoek, Giessendam West and Gorinchem Papland. New passing loops were built at Dordrecht Stadspolders and Upper Hardinxveld.