Monitoring tunnel elements in Korea

Strukton Systems designed a system for monitoring the immersion of tunnel elements on behalf of Strukton Afzinktechnieken (Mergor). This system was used during the construction of a 3.2 km long tunnel consisting of 18 tunnel elements of approximately 180 metres in length. This tunnel connects the South Korean city of Busan to the Geoje peninsula.

Strukton Afzinktechnieken ‘Mergor’
Busan, Korea
South Korea


Geocon, a corporate division of Strukton Afzinktechnieken (Mergor) was responsible for the immersion of the tunnel elements. Strukton Systems developed an immersion measurement system for reading out sensors and analysing the data measured. This allowed the tunnel elements to be positioned accurately to a millimetre during the transport over the sea and during the immersion on site. Integration with land surveying methods and techniques was of key importance.

Strukton Systems converted the data from different kinds of sensors into land surveying information presented graphically in a cockpit overview. This made it possible to create a graphical presentation of the immersion process of each tunnel element in all stages. At the same time, customers and other parties involved could follow the immersion process online through a special 3D internet application. After the immersion process, the system provided a wealth of information for analysis and reporting purposes based on measurements taken afterwards. Engineers of Strukton Systems were available on site to assist at the building, coupling and calibrating of the sensors and for direct support during the immersion process if required.

The integration of various specialist fields of knowledge resulted in a highly successful product. Knowledge of specialist techniques and measurement methods was acquired in a relatively short period of time. Strukton Systems successfully delivered a custom-made product and an accurate measurement system within this highly specialised technological field. The immersion measurement system delivered has already been used in various other immersion projects.

Please refer to the website for more information, where immersion projects can be followed in 3D.