New auxiliary power supply units for Amsterdam metro

In order to keep the Amsterdam Metro trains (type S3/M4 from CAF, APU builder Transtechnik) running, the operator GVB was in urgent need of a company that could replace the aging and failing GTO based APU’s. Strukton designed a from-fit-function replacement for the customer using our standard IGBT based modulear technology.

Amsterdam public transport authority (GVB)
Power electronics
The Netherlands
GVB CAFmetro_75b_ppci

Project details

The natural air-cooled unit converter (750V DC / 400V/230V AC) and battery charger (750V DC / 24V DC) has been in successful operation since end 2014. The customer has ordered eight units so far and Strukton guarantees fast delivery times (due to high level of standardisation) to meet the regular demand for new units.