Optic cabling and ATM network

The Dutch railway manager ProRail wanted to gradually replace interlocal telecom cables with optic fibre cables because of major external influences on communication cables along the track, and the increased demand for data capacity. Strukton Rail replaced the telecom cables along the Dordrecht - Arkel route with optic fibre cables.

Projectorganisatie Betuweroute
Dordrecht - Arkel
Railway superstructure
The Netherlands


The communication protocol used for optic fibre cables is based on the ATM principle. The transition from copper cables to optic fibre cables enables the underlying systems to be gradually migrated to communication via ATM.

Design & Construct

The project scope included the conversion of the interlocal 126 cable to optical fibre with ATM transmission to IT Starc. This design & construct contract was awarded to the Strukton Rail and Arcadis Infra consortium. The consortium was responsible for the design and installation.


Strukton Rail was responsible for the following activities:

  • Project management for the consortium
  • Project management for implementation
  • Technical input for linking matrices
  • Supplying data and final inspection of the final design and migration plan
  • Jointly drawing up the final design and migration plan
  • Engineering and application for energy connections
  • Inventory of local rooms
  • Applications for various permits from ProRail and third parties
  • All implementation work
  • Installation of ATM equipment
  • Taking up connections and changes to existing installations
  • Altering existing rooms for ATM