DPI Fast Ferry Rotterdam

Strukton Systems has fitted the Fast Ferry's jetty stops with an electrical system, loud-speaker system and Dynamic Passenger Information (DPI) displays. The stops are also equipped with a camera system for public safety. The jetty stop displays show the expected departure times for the Fast Ferry. Relevant passenger information is presented on the displays via GPRS relayed from the central server. In addition to offering information displays, the jetty stops are also equipped with a loud-speaker system. The camera system provides real-time image information via a wireless broadband Internet connection. The customer RET can view the actual situation at any of the jetty locations at any given time from its central incident room.

Rotterdam Elektrische Tram (RET)
Information systems
The Netherlands


Fast Ferry

The ‘Hoek van Holland’ Fast Ferry service provides an ideal connection across the water between Hoek van Holland and the ‘Maasvlakte’. This quick route across the ‘Nieuwe Waterweg’ (New Waterway) is intended for daily commuters and leisure travellers alike.

The Fast Ferry moors at various jetty stops, including those of the Maasvlakte and Hoek van Holland.