DPI Zuidtangent bus stops

Strukton Rail designed, developed and implemented a Dynamic Passenger Information (DPI) for the 35 bus stops along the Southern tangent.

Schiphol Airport
Haarlem - Amsterdam
Information systems
The Netherlands

Up-to-date passenger information

A display at each stop informs passengers about the status of ‘their’ bus and the real-time departure time. Changes in journey times, when a bus is delayed for example, are registered and compared with the timetable. The new, actual departure times are calculated and passed on to all other stops and shown on the displays at the individual stops.

Project components

The project involved the establishment of a central office with accompanying control room, the laying of an optic fibre communication link with 15 core route stops and 7 operating route stops.

  1. The core route of the South tangent has its own bus lane, starting at Schalkwijk Noord and ending at Schiphol Noord. Strukton equipped the stops along the route with display, clock and PA equipment.
  2. The operating route on the South tangent uses the public highway. The stops installed include a display and clock. Strukton was responsible for the project management, basic and detail engineering, purchasing, installation and commissioning of this project.