POSS in the Netherlands

POSS monitors approximately 1,700 points in the Netherlands. The systems are fully operational and all maintenance contractors including Strukton Rail work with the system.

The Netherlands

Good results

The maintenance of the railway network is contracted to four maintenance companies, of which Strukton Rail is the largest with a market share of 40%. By the end of the 1990’s point failures belonged to the main reasons for train delays. To tackle this problem, Strukton Rail started with the development of a point monitoring system known under the name POSS. Several tests showed that a fault reduction of 40% was possible.

Nationwide implementation

Given the good results, the customer ProRail decided in 2003 to have the POSS system implemented at all critical points along the entire Dutch railway network, involving approximately 1,700 points. Almost 1,250 points were connected to POSS by the end of 2004. All four maintenance contractors in the Netherlands are now using the system on a 24/7 basis.

Since 2004 POSS is gradually extended to other railway assets in the Netherlands:

  • 28 level crossings are being monitored on their closing times
  • Rail temperature measurement, an important tool to prevent “buckling” of the rails
  • Track circuit monitoring and axle shunt measurement
  • Intelligent video processing for level crossings
  • Monitoring of Dutch ATC system (over 2,500 units)

The data are presented universally and are accessible through internet. Experts are able to monitor the situation online from any desired location and take the necessary measures.