POSS on West Coast Main Line

Network Rail monitors close on 600 points along the 642 kilometre long West Coast Main Line. All major points along this line are connected to Strukton’s remote preventive and diagnostic monitoring system POSS. Strukton delivered over 400 MicroPOSS units, the POSS software, technical & operational support services and hosting. All installation work was done by Network Rail’s own staff.

Network Rail
London - Glasgow


The West Coast Main Line runs from London to Glasgow. It is the most heavily used train route for passenger and freight transport. The POSS monitoring system improves the reliability and availability of the points.

The installation of the POSS boxes and software was operational in December 2008, by which time Network Rail had also incorporated the monitoring process in its processes. Network Rail and Strukton have been working closely together to realise the ambitious planning. Network Rail performed the installation, while Strukton trained and supported Network Rail during the start-up and in the use and analysis of the POSS data and presentation software.