Replacement of ATB with ERTMS near Zevenaar

Strukton Systems worked together with Arcadis and system supplier Alstom to migrate the traditional train control system ATB (first generation) on the Betuweroute near Zevenaar with ERTMS Level 2.

Betuweroute (near Zevenaar)
The Netherlands
ERTMS Zevenaar project caroussel
ERTMS Zevenaar project caroussel2
ERTMS Zevenaar project caroussel3

Project summary

The project site covered the Betuweroute from the ‘Kijfhoek’ railway yard near Rotterdam to the Emmerich railway yard in Germany. The installation of ERTMS near Zevenaar has improved the connection of the A15 stretch of the Betuweroute with the German railways.

The main activities included:

  • Removing points 51 A/B and the railway siding near Zevenaar
  • Installing approximately 600 brackets and balises at Zevenaar Eat and along the A15 stretch of the Betuweroute
  • Installing the hardware of the new Alstom interlocking for ERTMS (LEUs and TFM boxes)
  • Adjusting the train safety system in various relay houses and relay racks near Zevenaar (East) and on the A15 stretch of the Betuweroute
  • Adjusting the glass fibre network on the A15 stretch of the Betuweroute
  • Various activities at the German part of the Zevenaar – Emmerich line
  • Supporting the testing activities