Sprinter Light Train (SLT) Cabling

Dutch Railways (NS) operates the electric Sprinter Light Train (SLT) in the Netherlands for ‘Sprinter’ services. In terms of superstructure length, the shorter four- and five-carriage trains are comparable to the older three- and four-carriage trains. Using modern equipment, electrical power is fed back to the overhead lines during braking, which can then be used by other trains in the vicinity. This equipment is also known as the S70 (four-carriage, ±70 m long) and S100 (six-carriage, ±100 m long). The first test runs were held in the Netherlands in 2008, and the first passenger services commenced in 2009.

Bombardier Transportation
Rolling stock
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Delivery by Strukton Rolling Stock

Delivery by Strukton Rolling Stock

Strukton Rolling Stock supplies the bundles of cables, including the cable ducts, for all four-carriage trains. Bombardier assembles these trains in Aachen (Germany). After a limited number of prototypes, Strukton Rolling Stock was awarded assignments for a basic series of 16 trains, followed by two options on 16 more trains and a third option on a further 19 trains. Further details

A partner in Poland produces the bundles of cables under Strukton Rolling Stock’s close supervision. The completely tested cable bundles are then transported to Bombardier Transportation in Aachen, where Strukton fits them into pre-assembled cable ducts. The complete units are then installed in or under the superstructure. There are eleven different types.