Strukton Systems increases capacity of transmission grid in the Netherlands

Early 2016, Strukton Systems was awarded a contract of TenneT TSO for the realisation of compensation coils for the 380 kV substation Eemshaven Oudeschip and the 220/110 kV substation Vierverlaten in the northern part of the Netherlands. The coils will compensate the reactive power, with the aim to increase the transmission capacity of the network without increasing the cross section of the conductors. This additional transmission capacity is required because of the increasing amount of wind and solar energy generated, particularly in northern Germany.

Technical design

The project is a Design & Construct contract, where Strukton Systems has the overall responsibility for the technical design. TenneT as principal is reviewing the design and construction from a process point of view, supported by Arcadis as the independent authority. The project scope includes the design, detailed engineering, construction and commissioning of the civil, mechanical and electrical parts of the work.

TenneT imposes specific requirements on the contractor and on the various process steps that have to be followed. One of these aspects is the use of Systems Engineering as the verification methodology. Strukton Systems is making use of Primtech 3D software for the design and engineering of this kind of substations. The advantage of this software is that it automatically performs all kinds of checks, and generates assembly drawings, detailed drawings and bills of materials.


Naturally, a lot of attention is paid to safety in this project. All health, safety and environmental risks are identified in an HSE-plan and an HSE officer is continuously available and responsible for the implementation of all safety measures during the construction and commissioning phase. In addition, great attention is paid to safety during the execution of the project by means of toolbox meetings, maintaining the TenneT Life Saving Rules and performing Last Minute Risk Analyses.

At this moment the project is in the transition from design to execution phase. Strukton Systems has already started construction activities at Eemshaven Oudeschip. The new installation needs to be ready by the end of 2016, with all components installed and tested. The commissioning will take place in close cooperation with TenneT. With the realisation of these two projects, Strukton Systems contributes to a more efficient electricity grid in the Netherlands.