Track renewal Upper Norrland

The Swedish transport administration Trafikverket has awarded a major track renewal project to Strukton Rail. Strukton Rail is renewing 80 kilometres of track (2x40) to start with, stretched between the villages of Boden and Bastuträsk in Upper Norrland, the northernmost area of Sweden. Optionally, another 2x8 kilometres of track will be renewed as well. The project has started in April 2016 and should be completed by October 2017.

The project

The track renewal will be carried out in three stages, the first stage of which has already started back in April 2016. The first stage entails the tracks between the villages of Koler and Älsbyn, followed by Storblåliden-Koler and Bastuträsk-Träskholm.
Strukton Rail uses its high output equipment to renew the rails, sleepers and ballast with high performance and high quality standards.

Important transport route

The railway line involved is the main railway line through Upper Norrland, used primarily by freight trains. It provide a highly important transport route for the mining and forestry industry in northern Sweden. In the current situation industrial enterprises of transport facilities and train operators rosters are affected by the reduced capacity and reduced speed limits, due to the deteriorating railways. Strukton Rail is carrying out renewal that will mend this problem.