Transformation of DD-AR into DDZ trains

NS Reizigers commissioned the modernisation of train equipment for the DD-AR (DDM-2/3) type, including mDDM carriages. These renewal activities are combined with long-term maintenance. In 2009, NedTrain Haarlem was commissioned to modernise the first line, which includes 200 carriages – a total of 50 trains of 4 carriages – with an option for 50 more carriages.

Rolling stock
The Netherlands

Transformation of DD-AR trains into DDZ trains

NedTrain commissioned Strukton Rolling Stock to engineer and deliver prefabricated bundles of cables, along with the accessories needed for the various new or revised systems. Strukton Rolling Stock also performs supporting activities for NedTrain, both during the engineering phase and the assembly and test phases of the pre-tryout.

The double-deckers were built in 1985, and the standards and requirements set for these carriages have changed significantly since then. Trains are made up of a complex body of safety systems and numerous subsystems. Cabling is needed to control and supply these systems with power. In addition to technical suitability, the cabling should satisfy new requirements as to e.g. flammability and environment.