Railway superstructure

The railways have always been at the heart of our activities in our more than 90 years history. As a full-service provider, Strukton Rail has extensive knowledge of all elements of the rail infrastructure. By combining this knowledge with the expertise which we have acquired throughout Europe, we work to fulfil our mission: safe and reliable railways.

  • Railway maintenance

    We have extensive experience with the maintenance of rail systems, applying the asset management processes and systems that we have developed for this aim.

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  • Railway renewal

    Strukton Rail combines wide-ranging experience with an extensive range of specialist machinery for renovating existing track for both nationwide and industrial railway lines and for lightrail, tram and metro lines.

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  • Railway construction

    Optimally deploying our high output equipment throughout Europe enables us to lay new railway track and overhead wire efficiently and effectively. When projects involve specific problems we modify our logistics and working practices to suit.

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  • Short lines

    Strukton Rail Short Line manages and maintains over 200 track kilometres and 500 switches at the industrial sites of around 130 companies in the Netherlands. Together with the industrial companies, Strukton formulates a future-oriented management & maintenance approach based on the interests of the industry.

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  • Machinery

    Strukton Rail manages, rents, transports and maintains one of the largest and most advanced pools of machinery in Europe. Unique is our High Output Equipment enabling us to make huge production within short periods of time. We exchange our machines and equipment between Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Italy. This allows us to work in a cost and time effective way.

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  • Signalling

    We implement a wide range of automatic train control systems, both in the train and on the track. Our services include installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance, system integration and migration. We are one of few companies in the market with in-house ERTMS/ETCS experience.

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