Railway construction

Optimally deploying our high output equipment throughout Europe enables us to lay new railway track and overhead wire efficiently and effectively. When projects involve specific problems we modify our logistics and working practices to suit.

Good logistics

Good logistical planning is extremely important for large-scale projects. Bringing together the correct people and the correct equipment at the correct place and time enables us to bring new construction projects to a satisfactory conclusion.

High Output Equipment

Good machinery is essential for newly constructed track sections. Strukton Rail owns one of the largest and most advanced ranges of track machinery in Europe. An important part of this is our high output equipment, which enables us to achieve very high production rates. Thus we can lay new track quickly and effectively.

New methods

Every project is unique and so we adapt our logistics and working methods to meet the requirements of each specific situation. Strukton Rail invests extensively in new technical solutions and stimulates its employees to devise new working methods.


Strukton Rail has extensive experience with large-scale projects in Europe. In the Netherlands we constructed the track for the Betuweroute – a new goods line running from Rotterdam to Germany. This 72 kilometer double track is currently the largest infrastructural construction project in the Netherlands. In Sweden we have laid 95 kilometers of track for the northern section of the Bothnia Line.