Strukton Rail has significant in-house ERTMS/ETCS experience on both wayside and onboard equipment. We cooperate with most suppliers in several projects to provide independent and integrated ERTMS/ETCS services: installation, testing, commissioning, maintenance, system integration, monitoring and migration.


The need of cross-border interoperability has led to the development of new standards for train control and command systems including the Europe-wide standard for railway signalling ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System). ERTMS contains four basic elements:

  1. GSM-R (global system for mobile communications railways), providing the communication between vehicles and line controllers. GSM-R is based on the public standard GSM with specific rail features.
  2. ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System), the signalling element of the system including the control of movement authorities, automatic train protection and the interface to interlockings.
  3. ETCS (European train control system), the signalling element of the system on board of the train.
  4. ETML (European traffic management layer), the operation management level intended to optimise train movements by the intelligent interpretation of timetables and train running data.

Integrated and independent services

Based on our international experience in the field of both railways and rolling stock, we provide integrated services and solutions for all of these elements, on both wayside and onboard equipment. We cooperate with most suppliers in several ERTMS/ETCS projects as an independent system integrator and maintenance partner.


We install, connect and pre-test the complete chain of ERTMS equipment on any scale.

Testing & commissioning

We perform field tests during the commissioning phase. We have both ETCS-equipped locomotives and an enthousiastic team of expertience ERTMS test drivers available to perform test runs.


Our pro-active attitude guarantees a smooth transition from maintaining conventional signalling systems to maintaining any ERTMS system. No matter whether the on-board equipment, the RBC, the neighbouring RBC and GSM-R all are from different suppliers - we perform the maintenance and centralise maintenance for different suppliers in a single maintenance organisation.


We are the largest railway asset monitoring supplier in Europe and have adapted our POSS monitoring platform to also include the entire ERTMS chain.


Introduction of ERTMS on any infrastructure has impact on almost all aspects of the railways. The migration from any traditional signalling system to ERTMS therefore requires a comprehensive and coordinated approach to ensure a smooth transition. We are currently developing our migration approach in the Danish ERTMS signalling programme.

ERTMS/ETCS projects



Fjernbane Infrastructure West is one of the largest signalling contracts ever awarded in the world.

Betuweroute (Zevenaar)


Migrate the traditional train control system ATB (first generation) on the Betuweroute with ERTMS Level 2. 



ERTMS designed and installed along Hanzelijn. 



ERTMS level 2 along the Betuweroute and ERTMS level 1 along the Harbour Line.

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