Power & Electrification

One power failure and the trains come to a standstill. Quality of electrical supply and knowledge about electrical energy supply issues are essential on the railway. Strukton Rail provides energy solutions at international level.


We have a complete engineering package for our services in the field of energy. Our specialised and experienced engineers working at our energy technology department are active world-wide.


We cover the entire range of design, construction, programming, installing and testing. Strukton Rail therefore offers fully integrated solutions. Operating independently of manufacturers, we are able to work in a highly efficient way. 

Our package of services includes:

  • power generation in power stations 
  • construction of high-voltage networks and sub-stations 
  • voltage conversion to 25 kV, 10kV, 3kV or 1500V-DC 
  •  installation and maintenance of overhead wires 
  •  delivery and intallation of on-board electricity supply systems in vehicles 
  •  design, construction and supply of choppers, converters and traction in the train 
  •  delivery and installation of return current conductors on rails