Rolling Stock

Strukton Rolling Stock is one the few top quality and train-manufacturer-independent power electronics companies. Our large development and engineering division applies our proven power modules and platforms to provide custom-made solutions. All over the world our solutions are used for refurbishment projects as well as numerous new built train series. We have an unique position in the world market for delivering traction converters, auxiliary converters and train control management systems. Strukton uses its modern power modules for custom-made systems in the renovation market for trams, trains and locomotives. It is our mission to make existing and new rail vehicles more sustainable and cost effective.

  • Power Electronics

    Strukton Rolling Stock has an unique position in the world market for delivering Traction Converters, Auxiliary Power Supply (APS) and Train Control Management Systems (TCMS).

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  • Refurbishment programmes

    Strukton Rolling Stock refurbishes & modernises rail vehicles by replacing existing components and integrating new ones.

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  • Strukton Embedded Solutions

    Strukton Embedded Solutions (SES) is a specialist in the field of electronics, embedded software and project management.

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