Power Electronics

Strukton Rolling Stock has an unique position in the world market for delivering Traction Converters, Auxiliary Power Supply (APS) and Train Control Management Systems (TCMS). Using the modern and reliable Strukton Power Modules (SPM) as the basis for new systems.


Strukton is recognised for the customised solutions for the renovation market for trams, trains and locomotives. Our flexible engineering approach allows for Form-Fit-Function replacements on both the converter (or control board) level as well as Traction/APS box level. Customers have a special interest in our new and flexible DC-Chopper systems that are delivered to France, the United Kingdom and the USA.   

New vehicles

More and more train manufacturers are using our systems for their new vehicles as well; Siemens applies our converters for their new light-rail vehicles of the NeoVal series (Traction) sold world-wide. BHEL from India equip their new locomotives and EMUs with the full range of our power electronics (Traction/APS/TCMS). Hybrid propulsion systems (Diesel, Battery, Catenary, Auxiliary) are sold to several locomotive and special vehicle builders. And several monorail projects use our ultra-light weight equipment.

Technology Transfer Programme

The Technology Transfer Programme is unique since it allows train manufacturers to build up a proper power electronics knowledge in house. This programmes provides in-depth training (in the Netherlands and on-site), full documentation and allows local production of systems. The programme is tailor-made to the wished of the customer and is especially valued in upcoming railway markets. Currently this programme is successfully applied in South-Africa and India.

“We were so lucky to find such talented and dedicated people as yourselves and I am pleased to have shared our time and energies together. The results were quite marvelous. For the past twelve years the VAL has continued to perform flawlessly; the technology you created has been the strength and endurance of this airport transit system and we can all be quite proud of that ”

OATS, Chicago

Blog: ‘Our’ first train in India is operational. And that’s just the beginning

180305ST_BL1A0750Photographer: Tjitske Sluis

“We are transferring our technical knowledge to “colleagues” at BHEL, so that they can produce the systems themselves”

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