Control modules

We have developed several control modules for a variety of markets and customers.

Automotive Control Module (ACM)

The automotive control module (ACM), also called drive control unit, is a general purpose electronic control unit designed to facilitate an easier integration of an inverter system with the remaining in-vehicle electronics (I/O, PMW, CAN). The system has been designed especially for automotive, marine and heavy-duty vehicle applications. Intended for extreme environmental conditions, the ACM is durable and completely sealed, making it suitable for the most demanding applications.

Battery Management System (BMS)

The Elithion battery management system has a distributed system design, where one controller monitors a set of batteries. The BMS supports all kinds of batteries and battery brands. Elithion provides different cell boards for the BMS, depending on the capacity and brand of the batteries. Upon customer request we design and produce custom-made cell boards, for any configuration of batteries, including certification.


As an authorised reseller of the Elithion battery management system and performing as the Elithion's European service centre, we handle warranty and repair issues on behalf of Elithion. Repair is done at our premises, saving time of shipment to and from the US, hence delivering repaired or replaced battery management systems faster to the customer.

Data Logger

Strukton Embedded Solutions has developed the Strukton data logger which is used to monitor relays activity, using attached current sensors near railway crossings. The data from the relays will be stored on removable USB flash drive. The Strukton data logger is an ultra-low power device which will work fully unattended solely on batteries for several years.

Strukton Smart Farming Controller (SFC)

Strukton Embedded Solutions has developed the Strukton Smart Farmer Controller (SFC), which:

  • Allows farmers to efficiently breed pigs by automatically routing pigs to the correct food-court 
  • Is able to give high calorie food to pigs that are growing behind, and to give low-calorie food to pigs that are growing too fast
  • Will automatically weigh pigs and automatically opens the correct door of the food court based on the pig's weight
  • Can optionally be equipped with an RFID reader for detection and routing of individual pigs

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