Wireless Communications & Sensor modules

We deliver full product or end-to-end systems solutions, instead of hardware or software solutions only. Our architects and engineers make your idea for a product or system become reality. The design of multiple wireless radios in one product is one of our core competences. Our focus and expertise in wireless is in GSM / GSM-R, (E)GPRS / EDGE, UMTS / HSDPA, DECT, WiFi / WLAN, Zigbee, bluetooth, GPS, NFC / RFID, and UWB.

Strukton Embedded Solutions offers in-house and on-site high-tech engineering services.

Strukton On-board-unit for Realtime Monitoring (STORM)

The STORM-unit, to be placed in vehicles (trains, trams, trucks, buses), is able to monitor continuously and real-time the condition of trouble-sensitive-components. The STORM, a Linux based computer unit, supports Asset Management, optimizes the (preventive) maintenance and increases the availability of the vehicles, the so-called Rolling Stock. Resulting in less breakdowns, higher efficiency qua maintenance-intervals, higher availability of the vehicles, resulting in lower maintenance costs and company costs. The unit also provides and attaches the corresponding and accurate GPS position (Navstar, GLONASS and, the newest European variant, Galileo) during each measurement, and is able to communicate (via UMTS or GSM-R) with a remote server system, the back-office.


The MaCCS®, Management Control & Communication System, is our powerful connectivity platform, which enables flexible solutions for e.g. the logistics world, electric vehicles and domotica. The modular platform uses standard interfacing to the outside world, so it can be used within many domains without modification.



Is built up around 4 separate boards, which can be linked together (via SPI). The full configuration of MaCCS®-4 consists of:

  • Real-time telematics module (incl. GPS, GSM/GPRS, bluetooth, analog inputs)
  • Extended I/O module (digital & analog)
  • High performance processor module
  • Automotive interface module (CAN, LIN)


The MaCCS®-4i is the integrated general purpose one-board solution. The MaCCS®-4i platform, running under Linux, is under development and expected to be available by Q3-2014. The MaCCS®-4i supports: Ethernet, WiFi, bluetooth, GPS, GSM-R, RS232, accelerometer, Timer, RS232, RS485, USB, SPI, I2C, CAN, PWM-outputs, GPIO, Ram, Flash and uSD-slot. The module size will be around 160 x 100 mm (Eurocard format).

RFID Reader

We have developed RFID readers:

  • SES-RFID-134: this RFID reader is compliant with ISO standard 11784/5, and used for tracking and tracing, logistics, animal identification, etc. The communication with the (smart) phone or PDA is performed via bluetooth.
  • SES-RFID-SA: this standalone RFID reader is also compliant with ISO standard 11784/5, and used for animal and person identification. The RFID reader is integrated into a glove. The communication with the (smart) phone is performed via bluetooth.

Telematics Box

Our telematics box can be used in several environments (e.g. logistics, monitoring in healthcare). The telematics box communicates wirelessly (via GPRS) with a back office and offers several features:

  • GPS locater
  • GSM/GPRS (voice & data)
  • Bluetooth interfacing
  • USB connectors (USB 2.0)
  • RS232 connector
  • Input / output (analog & digital)
  • Touch screen (optional)

The Strukton Availability and Absence Registration (TSAAR)

The TSAAR module allows employee availability and absence registration via NFC (RFID). The registration messages are bundled and sent to the selected back-office system (through GPRS). Multi-SIM is supported within the TSAAR, which means that the module will search for and use the best available provider. Integration with the customer back-office system (e.g. SAP) can be supported. TSAAR only needs a 230 volt outlet and can be mounted very easily at any location. An internal battery keeps TSAAR operational for up to 72 hours in case of lacking mains.

Wireless Network Node (AHMC)

The AHMC (ad-hoc multiple channel) wireless network node is used for setting-up a reliable and robust wireless mobile network that has been optimised to keep mobile communication under all circumstances, even in case of interference, network overload or coverage problems. This reliable and robust wireless network arises by combining several communication infrastructures (UMTS, WLAN/wifi, satellite) and by setting-up a local (mesh) network. Strukton has developed the complete hardware and mechanics for this wireless network node. We also handled the outsourcing towards production and set-up of the test environment at the production site.

Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (C-ACC)

With our partners we have developed the C-ACC system, which is based on Radar and WiFi (p-protocol). The following features have been integrated:

  • C-ACC vehicles communicate their brake intensity
  • C-ACC equipped vehicles can drive more closey and react more quickly on preceding vehicles than ACC equipped cars
  • C-ACC equipped vehicles drive in synchronised fashion

This provides the following advantages:

  • Improved safety and comfort level
  • Enhancement/evolution of proven ACC
  • Improved traffic efficiency
  • Fuel-efficient cooperative (green) vehicle lanes

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